FRESH COAST™ Academy offers a unique blend of private music lessons, performing, creating and recording music in a professional environment with professional musicians. The Academy is located in a fully equipped audio/visual recording and film studio complex where the student is allowed to learn among music professionals who not only teach the students, but are involved in their own professional work from which the students can observe and learn. Private music lessons on all the basic combo instruments, guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, bass, voice, even native flutes and percussion are combined with performance workshops, recording workshops, live concerts and songwriting and music composition delivered by degreed professional instructors with years of experience as teachers and as professional performers, songwriters and recording artists.

Students at FRESH COAST™ Academy participate in a variety of music learning experiences from private music lessons to onstage concert performances to recording sessions to songwriting workshops. Students are guided to develop their musical skills through creating, recording and performing music they enjoy and composing their own music. They are coached not only in musical technique, but also in stage presence and all aspects of presenting an exciting and effective live music performance.

FRESH COAST™'s innovative approach is more effective and fun than any other music programs for several reasons:
FRESH COAST™ Music Academy

818 N. 109th Street
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226

* Music instructors who love their craft, who have spent years as professional recording and touring musicians, songwriters and composers; and have a burning desire to impart their wisdom, knowledge and experience to the music student.

* A professional music recording and film studio environment where the students learn alongside working professionals in professional recording sessions.

* A ‘live’ music experience where the students rehearse and perform their own music and musical arrangements in bands of professionals and their peers.

* Private instruction where the professional musician tends to the student’s individual needs.

* Performance Workshops (Master Classes) where students interact with other students and the instructor to hear and try new creative ideas.